[2:197] The Hajj is (to be performed in) the months that are well-known. So whoever undertakes Hajj in them, there should be no obscenity, no sin, no quarrel in the Hajj. Whatever good you do, Allah will know it. Take provisions along, for the merit of (having) provision is to abstain (from begging), and fear Me, O men of understanding

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General Audio by Shaykh (Maulana) Husain Abdul Sattar (Chicago, USA):

Preparaing for Hajj:

The days of Hajj:

Hajj: The Final Brick:

The mandate of Hajj:

Preparing for Journey:

Preparing for Journey:

The Journey Begins:

Entering the Haram:

Umrah: Tawaf:

Umrah: Sa'i:

Performing Hajj: Days 1-2:

Performing Hajj: Days 3-6:

Visiting Masjidun Nabawi:

Hajj Workshops & Seminars: by Shaykh (Maulana) Husain Abdul Sattar (Chicago, USA):

Hajj Seminar (Part 1)

Hajj Seminar (Part 1/Q & A)

Hajj Seminar (Part 2)

Hajj Seminar (Part 2/Q & A)

Hajj Seminar (Part 3)

Hajj Seminar (Part 3/Q & A)

Hajj Seminar (Part 4)

Hajj Seminar (Part 5)

Hajj Seminar (Part 6)

Hajj Seminar (Part 6/Q & A)

General Audio by Shaykh (Maulana) Yunus Patel (South Africa):

Spiritual Preparation for Visiting the Haramain 1:

Spiritual Preparation for Visiting the Haramain 2:

Spiritual Preparation for Visiting the Haramain 3:

Umrah Made Easy:

Hajj Made Easy:

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Shaykh (Mufi) Abdur-Rahman Limbada(HA):

Introduction to the Virtues of Hajj:

Rulings for Ihram & Hajj/Umrah:

Components of Hajj & Methodology:

Rulings for Rami & Qurbani:

Virtues & rulings of Zul-Hijjah & Qurbani:

Ziarah of Madinah Al Munawarrah:

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