Control Of Anger

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“And those who suppress their anger and are forgiving to people and Allah loves the doers of good.”

Allah Ta’ăla has explained three qualities of His special servants in this verse;

1. They swallow their pride,

2. They forgive the mistakes of Our servants,

3. They not only forgive others who harm them, but also do acts of kindness for them. Allah loves such people.

Together with this Allah Ta’ăla has provided the prescription for curing the deadly disease of anger in the above verse Allah Ta’ăla states; “Wal Kăzimeenal Ghayza”, “Those who suppress their anger.”

Which means those who contain, who suppress their anger. Anger per se, is not evil but the incorrect usage thereof is.

If anger itself were evil, the word ‘annihilate’ would be used and not ‘suppress’. The commentators of the Qur’ăn explain that Allah Ta’ăla did not use the words ’Those who annihilate their anger.” because the absence of anger is neither meant nor desired. Anger has to remain within one because Allah has created it for a purpose. What is requires, is the correct usage of anger at the correct times, on the appropriate occasions.

Some people request Duă’s that no evil thoughts occur to them, so that desire and demand to fulfil desires become totally non existent. This is immaturity. The actual achievement is to be able to please Allah Ta’ăla in spite of being assailed by desires. One has to learn to transform the forceful flow of desires flowing through the veins into the life blood of Taqwa.

One who endures difficulties to substantiate his friendship will be deemed a friend to the extent of the difficulties endured. The greater the trials and tribulations endured the greater will be the friendship. Fleeing from the dictates of the Nafs or being overcome by them is proof of our reluctance to tolerate to endure difficulties in the way of Allah. How then, can we lay claim to love? A right, a demand of love is to please the beloved at every cost.

Therefore, notwithstanding the fact that desires demand disobedience, do not be derailed from the duty of love. Persevere in the face of all demands, drill the core of the heart and draw the deeply embedded love that lurks within. If desires were to be annihilated, how will one at the appropriate time, fulfil one’s conjugal rights. In short, the usage has to be controlled, has to be appropriate.

Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thănwi (R) teaches, the objectives is not the eradication of evil traits but the channelizing and correct usage thereof. Innate, inborn characteristics cannot be wiped out but can be re-directed. If for example one has an excess of anger, before rectification, such anger was used to further one’s selfish needs and desires. On occasions when one is told something unpalatable, all control is lost. Anger immediately came to the fore. Now, after Islăh (reformation), the direction taken by anger changes. Now anger is expressed on occasions when Allah Ta’ăla is disobeyed, against the demands of the nafs. Anger is still present but has changed direction, it has become praiseworthy, it has become meritorious.

Article taken (with Thanks) from Attarbiyah


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