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All Praise is due to Allah (SWT), and may His Choicest Salutations continue to shower upon our Master and Guide; Muhammad (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) the leader of all mankind.

South Africa as the host country for Cricket World Cup 2003, is the focus of world attention. Millions of people across teh world have readjusted their daily schedules in order to accommodate the daily fixtures. The cricket craze has also bowled over the local Muslim communities who exchange the latest cricket scores even as they enter the house of Allah (SWT). Has professional sport become the "opium of the masses"? Have the sport stadiums become the new shrines of our culture? Are the coaches and commentators the new priests who offer their wisdom and advice? Are television the new pulpits from which the message is spread?

Are we enchanted and bewitched by 'sport' even though it has become synonymous with violence, drugs, fornication, gambling and match fixing! Do we adore sport heroes even though they are disconnected from the real world, from real jobs, and real lives? Do we now judge the worth of individuals solely by how they perform on the field, instead of looking at their characters, values and beleifs?

Muhammad (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) has said, "Any (sport) without the remembrance of Allah (SWT) is either a diversion or heedlessness except four:

  • Walking from target to target (while shooting)

  • Training a horse.

  • Playing with one's family and

  • Learning to swim

Islam advocates sports only to the extent that it fulfils the following objectives:

  • Development of necessary life-skills.

  • A means of engendering love within members of the family

  • A means of refreshing the mind

  • A means of developing robust physique

The Noble Qur'aan states, "Know that life of this world is but play and amusement. a beautiful show, the course of boastful vying with one another and greed for more riches and children..."

Professional sports viewed against the background of this verse is more than play that is delusive, amusement that causes an individual to be heedless, a beautiful show from the outside, but manipulative, evil and rotten from the inside. A course of boastful vying the bloats the ego and pollutes the mind, it thrives on the lower impulse of greed, wealth and fame. It essentially casts a spell that detaches the 'spectator' from realities of life, from the values of time and productivity, and aspires to superimpose a heedless, aimless and erratic frame of mind.

As Muslims, we need to break lose from the lure of entertainment that breeds laziness and indifference to our primary purpose in life, we need to guard against spending endless hours 'watching' that which causes blindness of the heart.

Article taken (with Thanks) from JamiatKZN



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