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Frequently asked questions about Qurbani

Q): Is it permissible to sacrifice a branded animal? It is a known fact that branding keeps the animal healthy and protects the flesh from infection.

A): Yes it is permissible.

Q): Can a goat be sacrificed voluntarily in four shares on behalf of some deceased person?

A): In the case of a voluntary sacrifice made of one's own accord, one may include as many deceased as one may like. In the case of a waajib sacrifice on behalf of a deceased person one goat must be slaughtered separately on behalf of each one of the deceased.

Q): What should one do for one's missed (obligatory) sacrifice of the past?

A): He should repent and sincerely seek Allah's forgiveness. All the missed sacrifices must be calculated and the money given to charity.

Q): Is it permissible for two persons e.g. husband and wife to sacrifice a cow (jointly) which has a capacity of seven shares?

A): Yes, it is permissible, because none of the partners would have a share less than 1/7.

Q): Can one reserve a part for Aqiqa (child-birth sacrifice) in the sacrifice of a large animal?

A): Yes, there is no fault in doing so.

Q): Is sacrifice on behalf of the wife incumbent upon the husband to fulfil?

A): It is not incumbent.

Q): Is it incumbent upon the slaughterer's helper (assisting in holding the animal) to recite "Bismillah, Allah-o-Akbar" ?

A): It is not necessary for the person who renders help in holding the animals legs, head, horns etc. to recite the takbeer. But if the helper holds the knife together with the one who slaughters and assist him in the use of the knife, such an assistant is compelled to recite Bismillah. If either of them deliberately omits to recite or thinks the recitation of one of them is sufficient, the slaughtered animal becomes unlawful.

Source: Taken (with Thanks) from Jamiat KZN

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