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It seems as though shaytaan has found a new medium to get through to us Muslims. He does this so cleverly, by making us find good in our bad, and bad in our good. What better way, than to use an ISLAMIC internet chatroom to get muslim boys and girls talking about their wildest fantasies! All the time justifying to them by saying that it is an "Islamic" chatroom, so it is halaal?

A major issue plaguing South African youth today is internet chat. There is one specific chatroom called 'Islam' on the MIRC network. I myself used to be a VERY regular visitor until recently. I justified my nightly forays into this chatroom by telling myself that I was going on to have Islamic discussion and that it was a 'Halaal' way to meet Muslim girls.

I went for Moulana Faisal's (from Jamaica) lecture last night and some of the things he said really opened my eyes. The talk was on 'Satan's web', and it really opened my eyes with regard to the evils of the Internet, and the effect that it has on SA  muslim youth.

Sometimes I find myself sitting in this virtual chatroom for hours on end ... pausing only briefly to read my namaaz and then going back on to chat as soon as I'm done. I spoke to many muslim girls of many ages. Some of them very Islamically inclined and some of them not. Many fathers are totally oblivious of what their daughters are doing late at night on the internet.

Sometimes the conversations we have are Islamic and sometimes not. But it is clear that the majority of the talk has nothing to do with Islam. I have met quite a few people here and I have kept in contact with quite a few of them. But at the end of the day, it boils down to the same thing ... meeting a girl at the movies or in a virtual internet chatroom is the same thing,  because one almost always leads to the other especially if you live in the same city. Some people argue that this chatroom is a good thing as long as you are going on for the right reasons. For example, I know of a few married Muslim couples that first met in this chatroom. Mashallah, they were eventually married but ... does the end justify the means? Personally, I think that this chatroom does more damage than good. Many good young muslim girls are losing their "innocence" every night on these internet chat lines ... their parents probably under the impression that they are fast asleep. And those Muslims boys and girls that have already lost their "innocence" are slowly reaching a point of no return as they justify and keep on justifying their participation in this ...

Besides the enlightening lecture, the main reason I am rejecting this activity is ... It is most of all VERY ADDICTIVE. Especially for people who don't mix with the opposite sex regularly. Many muslim girls (who have strict fathers) sit in this chatroom almost every night, making up for not being able to freely talk to boys openly.

It is so addictive, that your own "friends" will reject you if you speak against the chatroom. Last night after Esha, I went on to look for a few of my friends/people I had been chatting with regularly. I asked the question ... Is this chatroom halaal or haraam? I then gave my opinion citing that most kids  came on here to meet people of the opposite sex and definitely not to talk anything islamic. Even though 5% of the people actually came to talk about deen, is it right to contribute towards the popularity of something that is doing more haraam than halaal? (even though you yourself might be on for a "good" reason?) Every single one of them retorted very angrily to what I was saying. I was told things like ...  "Allah knows best ... not you!" and " Now that you've had your fun and you are tired of the site, you are acting holier than though!" ... some of these virtual "friends" that I had known for a few months simply told me to get lost and carried on chatting to newly found "friends". Was this chatline so ADDICTIVE that nothing else mattered ... as long as you could sit at your pc till the early hours of the morning chatting with your so called virtual "friends"? Friends that would ditch you at the drop of a hat, the second you spoke against the "chatroom"? This, more than ANYTHING scared the living daylights out of me.

I know that many parents are not aware of this, and I think that its existence must be publicised so that fathers know what their daughters and sons are up to when they disappear into the bedrooms after supper ...

Besides this, the chatroom has also become a major conduit for Shia propoganda ... yes, there are quite a few Shias, and Shia sympathizers that come on to taint impressionable young minds with ideologies like "Unity" between Shias and Sunnis ... The chat administrators do not ban them and allow this to continue ... giving the reason that "everyone is entitled to their own opinion!" This is only ONE chatroom and although it is the MOST POPULAR South African one (there are about 500 muslims kids on at one time on a Friday/Saturday night!) ... I'm sure that there are many more. I am sending this mail to you in the hope that something can be done to increase awareness about it, because shaytaan relies heavily on peoples ignorance. I would also like to know what the Ulemas opinion is on this? Am I just over reacting, or is there some truth to what I am saying?

I am also copying this mail to a few friends that I know are still on this chatline (as well as some who share my opinion), in the hope that what I have said here, will open their eyes, hearts and minds Inshallah. They will either love me or hate me for this ... I know!

I feel a bit guilty about bringing this out, because although I always knew that this was not right I was also VERY addicted to it myself. I am just as much to blame. May Allah forgive my ignorance ... inshallah.

I feel though, that I am doing the right thing by publiscizing this. It is important that muslim fathers are made AWARE of this as soon as possible. I think that Jamiat email or something posted on the website would make an impact on many fathers out there inshallah.

Your reply on this matter would be greatly appreciated

By: A concerned Brother

Article taken (with Thanks) from JamiatKZN


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