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Criteria for Moon Sighting in UK

By Wifaqul Ulama (UK)

        All efforts will be made to sight the moon locally, acting upon the clear instruction of our beloved Nabi sallal lahu alaihi Wassallam ��don�t fast until you see the new moon, and don�t break it until you see it. If then, there is cloud over you, count in full (Sahih Al Bukhari Volume 1 Page256).            

    To achieve this, help, can be taken from the experts in the field of astronomy, but the judgement will never ever under any circumstances be dependent upon them.                   The Judgement will always be upon actual sighting.

    If there is possibility of a sighting in U.K. (Imkan-e-Ru�yat) at the end of the 29th day after Maghrib, as the moon is on the horizon, all efforts will be made to sight the moon locally.

   If the moon is not sighted in the U.K. then we can accept the sighting of another country to the East of UK, On the condition that the actual sighting is verified, and the moonsighting criteria followed by that country, is accepted by our Holy Shariah.

   If at the end of the 29th day, there is no possibility of sighting the Moon in the UK. i.e. the Moon is not on the horizon; we will still follow the Sunnah and exhaust all efforts in trying to sight the Moon. However on this occasion, the testification of one or two witnesses will not be deemed as acceptable, rather, the testification of a large group will be necessary as is the case, when the skies are clear. If this condition does not exist (i.e. if the moon is not sighted anywhere or when there was no possibility of moon being sighted and testification of a large group is not there), then thirty days will be declared for that Month.


�The criteria mentioned is correct and according to Shariah�. Mufti Muhammad Tahir. Fatwa issued by Mazahir ul Uloom Saharanpur 22/2/1428 H

  �In sighting the moon locally, and to seek help from the astronomers in such a way that their word is not final, is acceptable� Mufti Ahmad Khanpuri, Darul Iftaa, Jamia Islamia Dabhel. Fatwa issued 6/4/ 1428 H

  �The Local Ulamaa should guide the laymen after gathering testification and proof of          moonsighting according to Shariah. To seek help from the Astronomers and then the Ulamaa deciding in light of the evidences present staying within the limits of the Shariah is correct, rather better�. Mufti Mahmood Balandshahri, Darul uloom Deoband. Fatwa issued 20/02/1428 H

  �There is nothing wrong in seeking help from the astronomers for possibility of sighting or for finding out the age of the moon� Darul Iftaa, Jamia Farooqia, Karachi Fatwa issued 19/04/1428.

  �What is decided is, that if one is not dependent on the astronomers only, rather on actual sighting, then there is no difference of opinion on using astronomy as a tool or help�. Darul Iftaa Jamia Al Rasheed. Fatwa issued 01/06/1428 H

  �Help could be taken from the observatory as to whether there is the possibility of sighting or not? Although the decision will be based on actual sighting�. Aap kay Masaail awr un ka Hal. Vol 3 Pg 262. Movlana  Muhammad Yusuf Ludhyanwi Shaheed R.A.

  It is Wajib Alal Kifaayah to make the effort to sight the moon locally. Fat hul Qadeer Vol 2 Pg 242, Maraaqi ul Falah Pg 354

The above are only extracts from detailed fatawa we have received. These can be obtained in full in the FATWA section on our website.

Article taken (with Thanks) from Wifaqul Ulama

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