Muslim Schools: Little Islands in the midst of Stormy Oceans

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By Mufti Zubair Bayat

Muslim Schools are complex institutions, comprising many dimensions and facets. From the members of the Boards of Governors, the management, the staff, the pupils and parents, Muslim Schools are institutions that incorporate all strata and shades of people from the community. Unlike other Islamic educational institutions where homogenous (one) type of persons are found, the situation in Muslim Schools is not so. It is much more complex and comprehensive. Here people of different levels of understanding, abilities and piety get together. This naturally leads to a situation where a variety of problems are created. Added to this, Muslim Schools are also relatively young institutions in this country. Most schools are still struggling to survive and are just about finding their feet. Despite all the problems associated with Muslim schools, one fact remains they are little islands in the stormy ocean of chaos in the prevalent educational systems in this country.

Although there are waves of problem after problem in the structures of Muslim schools, at the same time, the potential these institutions possess in terms of shaping strong future Muslims is unlimited. A Muslim School is an ideal venue where effective Tarbiyyah, Ta'leem and Da'wah of the coming generation of Muslims can be conducted. If only the leadership of our Muslim Schools can realize the gold mine they are sitting upon! This supreme opportunity should help to overcome all the little obstacles in between and they should serve to spur on and encourage all types of people involved in Muslim Schools towards an optimistic and positive outlook for the future.

It is the experience of seniors and learned people, that the children who remain sound Muslims for life are those who have had very strong Islamic tendencies in their families or those who have had a solid Islamic Tarbiyyah and grounding, by way of sound Islamic institutions. So while Muslim schools are not perfect (and who is really perfect), they are among the more effective ways that many children, especially those from weak Islamic homes will be saved from the onslaught of apostasy and Kufr. To save the Imaan of a single Muslim is a major achievement for any Muslim community. Imagine if hundreds of young Muslims can be saved

It is the cry of the hour for concerned people in the Muslim community to become much more serious about the Muslim schools in the midsts and to put their full weight and support behind them. This is the only way we can make it happen.

Mufti Z. Bhayat

Article taken (with Thanks) from Darul-Ihsan Research & Eduation Centre



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