The importance of Tarbiyah (Moral Training)

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Verily, he who has reformed the nafs has attained success, and he who has impurified it has lost.” (Surah Shams) 

Success in this world and the Hereafter for the Mu’min lies in Islăh (reformation) of the nafs. Reformation of the nafs is the transformation from animality to humanity. The human being has to emerge from his state of gross animality and mount the stage of Insăniyah (true humanity) by the Tarbiyah (moral training) of his nafs. 

Elimination of the evil attributes and adornment with the lofty attributes are two fundamentals of reformation. The only way of achieving self-reformation is by Mujăhadah, i.e. opposition to the inordinate emotional desires. 

Emotional desires have to be opposed and made subservient to the Aql (intelligence). The intelligence is or should be subservient to the Shar’iah. When the emotional desires gain control of the intelligence, man is transformed into a lowly beast. On the other hand, when the intelligence controls the desires of the nafs, man mounts the platform of Insăniyah (humanity) and attains the lofty realm of the Angels.

As long as the Mu’mineen fail to achieve moral reformation and spiritual elevation, they can never attain success in any field of activity. While it is possible for the Kuffăr to progress in the mundane world despite their kufr and immorality, Muslims are doomed to failure and defeat as long as they do not improve their moral and spiritual condition. 

According to the Qur’ăn and Sunnah, Muslim success pivots on Islăh (reformation) of the soul. Without moral purification there cannot be true Taqwa (piety), and without Taqwa man is truly an animal. Without Taqwa there is no difference in the life of a Believer and a non-believer. 

Muslims wonder at the weakness and humiliation of the Ummah in the present age without understanding the cause of this degradation. How is it possible for Muslims to aspire for ascendancy and domination on earth when they have become the slaves of the Kuffăr in almost every facet of their lives?

The Qur’ăn clearly warns of utter defeat and disaster if the Ummah chooses the path of the Kuffăr. May Allah Ta’ăla grant us all the realisation to reform our moral selves. Ămeen

Article taken (with Thanks) from Attarbiyah


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