Repentance after committing a sin

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Q:) if a person commits a sin and then he does taubah full heartedly but again he can't resist and do the same sin again he does taubah so will his taubah be accepted

if a person in namaz reads after soora fatiha a soora which contain sajda e tilawat so what should he do.

A:) If a person commits a sin and makes Tawbah, he will find Allah Most Forgiving on condition he fulfils the conditions of Tawbah, which are:

1. Sincerity – the person must be sincere in his repentance. It should not be just lip service or a customary Tawbah.

2. Regret – the person must feel the pain of what he did from his heart. He violated the order of none other than Allah – who is the Almighty, the Greatest. He has bestowed me with so many bounties for which I do not deserve, yet I went against Him. The pain of committing sin should be like the pain of the death of one’s near and dear one.

3. Firm intention – if one is sincere and deeply regrets committing a sin, it is obvious he will never want to commit that sin again. He should resent that sin like how he resents being thrown alive into the fire.

However, as a human being, it is possible that one may err and commit that sin again. The above three procedures should be repeated. Insha Allah, a time will come that Allah will create resentment in the heart of the person for that sin.

It is also important to note that every individual should consult with some learned and pious person to assist in reforming himself and abstaining from sins and getting closer to Allah. If a sin pertains to the rights of Allah, for example, a person missed some compulsory Salaats in the past, or he did not discharge his Zakaat, he should make up for it by making Qadhaa as soon as possible. If the sin pertains to rights of people, then their rights must be fulfilled first.

If a person recites in Salaat a Surah which has Sajda-e-Tilaawat after Surah Faatiha, then he should make Sajda-e-Tilaawat in Salaat after reciting the verse of Sajda-e-Tilaawat.

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Please tell me if there is such a Prayer for Taubah. And if yes, when and how it is performed.

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