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Q:) Assalam o alaikum wa rehmatullah ... There is a fitna starting in NYC with a lady leading Friday prayers (please see the link mentioned at the end of my question). Is there ANY proof from our history for that? Did it ever happen in the time of Khilafa? Is there anything that you can provide against this to show as a proof to people who are confused? Jazakallah khairan. http://www.muslimwakeup.com/events/archives/2005/03/friday_prayer_l.php?

A:) The programme of Amina Wadud lecturing and leading a mixed gathering for Jumua’h is motivated by her incorrect perception of the role of a Muslim woman.

It is commonly propagated by the west that Islam has stifled women and has imprisoned them within the four walls. Unfortunately in recent times we find individuals who in the name of Islam seek to promote this very philosophy with increasing frequency. The reason is that the propagandists do not consider the basic aim of women's creation. The truth is that it is Allah who has created this Universe and its main inmates, men and women.

The perception that is promoted is that women should also work side by side with men. In the zeal of their ceaseless propaganda, they have failed to reflect that if men and women were created for the same kind of work, why was it necessary to create them with different physical characteristics and bodily constitutions?

Who can deny the fact that men and women have different bodily systems, habits, sentiments, susceptibilities and mental trends?! Allah has created each sex with different constitutions. To declare that there is no difference between men and women is self deception and a revolt against nature, because it is disbelieving our very eyes and senses.

The difference between the physical constitution and sentimental trends of each cannot be effaced by artificial means, for e.g. Putting on the same garments or having the same hairstyle. The fact remains that the difference between men and women is too palpable to be denied and too real and true to be ignored.

It is clear from the teachings of the Qur'aan and Sunnah that Human life stands divided into two branches:

a) The domestic affairs of life.
b) The outdoor affairs of life.

Each branch is complimentary to each other. It is impossible to lead a balanced and moderate life without taking into account and meeting the requirements of both the branches of life. It is equally important to plan the domestic as well as the outdoor demands of life. Mans life can be stabilized with the help of these two branches. If one branch is ignored or preferred over the other, life will become disorganized and unbalanced.

For the eyes to assume superiority over the nose because it is in an anatomically higher position is preposterous. The superiority of the Nose is easily rectified in the absence of light. Yet to further suppose that the Nose is superior to the hands, since it can smell that which cannot be felt, can be cast aside when plagued by a common cold. Yet when all these parts are in danger, it is the feet who usher on a hasty retreat and so becomes the hero of the day.

Simply put different circumstances require different priorities and different reactions. No part takes preference or position over the other. For in the ultimate act of obedient submission, the Eyes, the Nose, the Hands and the Feet all bow down humbly for the pleasure of their Lord.

Allah has distributed the duties between two sexes in such a way that men have been made responsible for outdoor duties, e.g. Earning a livelihood and looking after political and social affairs and women have been made responsible for domestic duties.

If an intelligent survey of natural peculiarities of Man's creation, it will have to be admitted that there can be no better arrangement of the distribution of duties between men and women.
The Qur'aan has issued a divine command addressed directly to the sacred wives of the Holy Prophet SAW and indirectly to all Muslim women.

Surah Al-Ahzab(33/33)
"Remain in your houses"
This verse points out that women should stay in their houses and look after all household affairs.
Sayyiduna Ali RA and Sayyidatuna Faatima RA distributed their duties in such a way that Sayyiduna Ali RA. executed the outdoor duties and Sayyidatuna Faatima RA. managed the domestic affairs.

Almighty Allah has created women to look after the household affairs, to manage them and stabilize the family system. As soon as she went out of the house, it had to be locked because both the parents are out on their jobs the children in their schools. The family system is thus totally shattered.

Women were created to remain in the house, to look after its affairs and to bring up the children in her affectionate lap. The mother's lap is the first training school for her child. It is there that the child learns the principles of morality, character and living. This parental care and love is not available to children of today and the family system has been totally shattered.

The husband and wife are working in different places in an atmosphere of free society and they have no contact with each other during their working hours. Sometimes this mode of working serves to weaken their relations as husband and wife, giving rise to unlawful contact with strangers. This, in turn may ultimately lead to divorce and destruction of the home.

In conclusion, I sincerely advise the Muslim Ummah to exercise caution with regard to the devious and corruptive attempts by Dr Wadud to mislead and deviate them and to place complete reliance on the true philosophy enshrined in the Qur’aan and sunnah of Rasulullah [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam], which was that of the Sahaaba and that of every true scholar of Islam until present day.

At this juncture, I wish to mention an article written by the former USSR President Mr. Michael Gorbachev in his book entitled "Prostrika" In this book; he has included a chapter called "Status of women" In this chapter he has clearly written:

"The women in our western society were driven out of the homes. As a result of her expulsion from the home, we gained some economic benefits in the form of some production, because men and women are both working. Despite the increase in production, its inevitable result was that our family system was shattered. The loss sustained by this destruction of the family system is more than the gains obtained from increase in production. I am, therefore going to launch in my country a campaign in the name of "Prostika" The basic objective of this campaign is to think how we can bring back to her home the women who has gone out of her home. We have to think about this; otherwise the entire nation will be destroyed.

Thus when even the Kuffaar have realised the ill effects of this philosophy, it is unfortunate that 'Muslims' are now taking up the mistakes of the Kuffaar.

and Allah ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

Article Taken (with Thanks) from Islam.tc


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