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Islamic date in Europe

Friday 21st of January 2022

18 Jumada al-Akhirah 1443


This page will Insha'Allah track moon sighting across various countries and will be updated monthly with the current and next month's moon sighting details and information.

Jumādá al-Ūlá 1443 Calculations:

Wifaqul Ulama Announcement for British Muslims:

Wifaqul Ulama urges Muslims in Britain to attempt to sight the Moon for Jumādá al-Ūlá 1443 on the evening of Saturday the 04th of December 2021. This will be the 29th of Rabīʿ ath-Thānī 1443. Moon sighting results should be reported to Wifaqul Ulama, you can notify us via our Email, Twitter, Facebook or by calling +447956589613.

Jumādá al-Ūlá 1443 Sighting

How to sight the Moon?

New Moon Birth & Sighting on December 04, 2021

The Astronomical New Moon (conjunction) is on December 04, 2021 at 07:44. Moonsighting is not possible.

New Moon Birth & Sighting on December 05, 2021

Visible in most parts of the worlds




Jumādá al-Ūlá 1443 Announcements:


Start of Jumādá al-Ūlá 1443 on December 06, 2021

Disclaimer: The crescent for the new Islamic month is sighted on the 29th of each Islamic month. The 29th of an Islamic month differs. We record the sighting of the crescent on the 29th of each Islamic month according to local (Islamic) date. It is for this reason that you may see the Islamic month start on the same (date) in two different countries with a report of the crescent being sighted (in this case the previous month will have 29 days) or not sighted (in this case the previous month will have completed 30 days) or any combination thereof.


1 AustraliaAwaiting News


2 BangladeshAwaiting News


3 Brunei: Awaiting News


4 Burma/Myanmar: Awaiting News


5 Canada: Awaiting News


6 Chile: Awaiting News


7 Columbia: Awaiting News


8 EgyptAwaiting News


9 Fiji Island: Awaiting News


10 FranceAwaiting News


11 Grenada: Awaiting News


12 Guyana: Awaiting News


5 (North) India: Awaiting News


6 (South) India: Awaiting News


15 IndonesiaAwaiting News


16 ItalyAwaiting News


17 Japan: Awaiting News


18 Kenya: Awaiting News


19 Malawi: Awaiting News


20 Malaysia: Awaiting News


21 Maurtitania: Awaiting News


22 Morocco (Source 2)Awaiting News


23 Mozambique: Awaiting News


24 New Zealand: Awaiting News


25 Nigeria: Awaiting News


26 Oman: Awaiting News


27 Pakistan: Awaiting News


28 Panama: Awaiting News


29 Saudi Arabia: Start of Jumādá al-Ūlá 1443 on December 06, 2021 according to pre-determined Ummul Qura Calendar.


30 Reunion: Awaiting News


31 Singapore: Awaiting News


32 SudanAwaiting News


33 Spain:Awaiting News


34 South AfricaAwaiting News


35 Sri Lanka: Awaiting News


36 Surinam: Awaiting News


37 Trinidad: Awaiting News


38 Turkey: Din Hizmetleri Genel Müdürlüğü shows Start of Jumādá al-Ūlá 1443 on December 06, 2021. There is no Moonsigting announcement and a predertmined calendar is followed.


39 United KingdomAwaiting News


40 United States Awaiting News


41 Zimbabwe: Awaiting News


42 Zambia: Awaiting News